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Definition and Purpose of Lockers
– Small compartments used for storage of books, coats, etc.
– Commonly found in schools
– Locked with padlock or built-in lock
– Array of lockers available
– Each user has their own key or combination

Locker Security Measures
– Users cannot open other people’s lockers
– Manager has a master key to open all lockers
– Maximum padlock shackle thickness is typically 5/16 inch (8 mm)
– Typical door thickness is 0.8 mm
– High-security lockers have a maximum shackle thickness of 10 mm or more and a door thickness of 1.2 mm

Types of Lockers
– School lockers
– Gym lockers
– Employee lockers
– Public storage lockers
– Personal home lockers

Locker Usage and Benefits
– Convenient storage for personal belongings
– Helps maintain organization and cleanliness
– Provides security for valuable items
– Reduces clutter in shared spaces
– Allows for easy access to stored items

Locker Maintenance and Upkeep
– Regular cleaning to prevent buildup of dirt and grime
– Lubrication of locks to ensure smooth operation
– Repair or replacement of damaged lockers or locks
– Periodic inspection for any signs of wear or malfunction
– Proper ventilation to prevent odors or mold growthSources: