Lock Museum of America

Lock Museum of America Overview
– Established in 1972
– Located in Terryville, Connecticut
– Industry museum specializing in locks
– Houses an extensive lock collection
– Directly across from the original site of the Eagle Lock Company

Lock Collections at the Museum
– 30 early era time locks
– Escutcheon plates from safes
– Large number of British safe locks
Door locks and padlocks
– Handcuffs and keys

Major Collections Displayed
– Eagle Lock room with over 1,000 locks and keys
– Bank Lock Room with bank locks, vault locks, safe locks, and time locks
– Corbin-Russwin Room with a large display of ornate hardware
– Gold plated and enameled pieces in the Corbin-Russwin Room
– Animated display showing how a pin tumbler lock works

Yale Room at the Museum
– Displays locks manufactured by the Yale Lock company
– Locks from 1860 to 1950
– Original patent model of the Mortise Cylinder Pin Tumbler Lock designed by Linus Yale Jr.
– Yale Room attractions
– Located in Terryville, Connecticut

External Links
– Official website of Lock Museum of America
– Authority control databases
– International VIAF database
– National United States database
– Coordinates of the museum: 41°40′43″N 73°00′39″W / 41.6787°N 73.0109°W / 41.6787; -73.0109Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock_Museum_of_America