Knox Box

Knox Box Overview
– Knox Box is a small, wall-mounted safe used by fire departments, EMS, and sometimes police.
– It holds building keys for emergency situations.
– Knox Box is a brand name for products produced by Knox Associates.
– It is part of the Knox Rapid Access System.
– Local fire departments hold master keys to all Knox Boxes in their response area.

Key Retention Devices
– Sentralok and KeySecure are key retention devices for Knox Master Keys.
– They provide accountability and record access to the key.
– Both Sentralok and KeySecure are branded products of the Knox Company.
– Sentralok requires a dispatcher to release the key with DTMF tones.
– KeySecure records an audit trail of key access.

Benefits of Knox Box
– Firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows.
– It reduces potential injuries to firefighters forcing entry.
– Knox Box can cut fire losses for building owners.
– Quick access to buildings can save valuable response time in emergencies.
– It is a secure and efficient system for emergency access.

Security Concerns
– Knox Box provides a single point of failure for the security of multiple buildings.
– If the key is stolen or copied, a thief can enter any building with a Knox Box.
– All Knox commercial boxes have a tamper switch to sound a supervisory alert.
– A researcher publicized a possible exploit in the system.
– He claimed to have created his own master key using information from disassembling the lock cylinder.

Related Information
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– References provide additional information and sources.
– The Knox Company website offers more details about their products.
– The Knox Box is an important requirement for fire departments.
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