Definition and Types of Jambs
– A jamb is the side-post or lining of a doorway or aperture in architecture.
– Jambs of windows outside the frame are called reveals.
– Small shafts to doors and windows with caps and bases are known as jamb-shafts.
– Scoinsons refer to shafts in the inside arris of a window jamb.
– In Scottish architecture, a jamb can also describe a wing of a building.

Importance of Door Jambs
– A door jamb is the vertical portion of the door frame where a door is secured.
– Door jambs bear the weight of the door through its hinges.
– The accuracy of the plumb and strength of door jambs are crucial for operational durability and security.
– Door latches and deadbolts extend into a recess in the door jamb when engaged.
– The overall security of a door depends on the strength of its jambs.

Jamb in Arches and Vaults
– In arches and vaults, the soffit is the curved inner surface located above the impost.
– The soffit is also referred to as the jamb.
– It is distinct from the outer surface called the arch or vault crest.
– The jamb in arches and vaults contributes to the structural integrity and aesthetics.
– Proper design and construction of the jamb are essential for stability.

Related Concepts and Terminology
– Jamb statue is a term associated with architectural sculptures.
– Post and lintel is an architectural construction method involving vertical posts and horizontal lintels.
– The Dean of Guild Court papers contain historical information on jambs.
– The Architects Illustrated Pocket Dictionary provides definitions and explanations of architectural terms.
– Die Naturbeschreibung im Journal von Henry David Thoreau is a book that discusses nature in relation to architecture.

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