Glass break detector

Glass Break Detectors
– A glass break detector is a sensor that detects shattered or broken glass.
– These detectors are commonly used near glass doors or storefront windows.
– They are widely used in electronic burglar-alarm systems.
– The detection process involves a microphone that picks up noises and vibrations from the glass.
– The vibrations are analyzed by detector circuitry to determine if they exceed a certain threshold.

Detection Process
– The microphone in a glass break detector picks up noises and vibrations from the glass.
– Simple detectors use narrowband microphones tuned to frequencies typical of glass shattering.
– More complex designs analytically compare the sound to one or more glass-break profiles.
– Signal transforms like DCT and FFT are used to analyze the vibrations.
– Digitally sophisticated detectors react if both the amplitude threshold and similarity threshold are breached.

Wireless Glass-Break Detectors
– Advances in technology have led to the use of wireless glass-break detectors.
– These detectors operate without the need for physical connections.
– They use wireless communication to transmit signals to the alarm system.
– Wireless detectors offer flexibility in installation and can be placed in various locations.
– They provide reliable and effective glass break detection capabilities.

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