File:Viking Age lock.png

Image Information
– The image is a Viking Age padlock found on Björkö in Mälaren, Sweden.
– It was published in the Nordisk familjebok in the early 20th century.
– The image is in the public domain because the book’s copyrights have expired.
– The author of the image is unknown.
– The image represents an important artifact from the Viking Age.

– The English caption for the image is missing.
– The image depicts a padlock.
– The caption template should be used to provide a one-line explanation of the image’s representation.
– The image is categorized under the ‘padlock’ topic.
– The image is displayed using a specific layout.

Items Portrayed in the File
– The image portrays a padlock.
– The padlock is the main subject of the image.
– No other items are portrayed in the image.
– The padlock represents an important aspect of Viking Age culture.
– The image provides a visual representation of the padlock.

File History
– The image was modified on various dates.
– The latest modification was made on December 11, 2011.
– The image’s dimensions are 333 x 382 pixels.
– Users have made comments and improvements to the image over time.
– The image was initially published on January 30, 2005.

File Usage
– The image is used on the English Wikipedia page for ‘Padlock.’
– A user named Baseball442 also uses the image.
– The image is not listed on other projects’ pages.
– The image is relevant to the topic of padlocks.
– The image enhances the understanding of the subject matter.Sources: