File Information
– File name: Siuntio.vaakuna.svg
– File type: SVG
– File size: 17 KB
– Date created: 6 January 2009
– Author: A. W. Rancken

Description of the Coat of Arms
– The coat of arms features a golden key with a cross-shaped tongue and a clover-shaped handle, placed horizontally on a blue field between two wavy silver bars.
– The coat of arms represents Siuntio, a Finnish municipality.

File Usage and Copyright
– The file is from the Wikimedia Commons, a freely licensed media file repository.
– The usage of coats of arms is governed by legal restrictions, independent of the copyright status of the depiction.
– Symbols like flags, coats of arms, and seals have usage restrictions in many countries.
– The file is in the public domain according to Finnish copyright law and the Finnish Copyright Council.

File Dimensions and Resolutions
– PNG preview size: 500 × 580 pixels
– Other resolutions available: 207 × 240 pixels, 414 × 480 pixels, 662 × 768 pixels, 883 × 1,024 pixels, 1,765 × 2,048 pixels
– Original SVG file dimensions: 500 × 580 pixels

Global Usage and Language Support
– The file is used on various Wikipedia pages in different languages.
– It is used on pages related to Siuntio, Uusimaa, and other topics.
– The file is used as a visual representation of Siuntio’s coat of arms.
– The file’s global usage demonstrates its relevance and importance in various contexts.
– The page contents of the file are not supported in other languages.
– The description of the coat of arms is available in English, Finnish, and Swedish.
– The usage restrictions on symbols like coats of arms are independent of the language.Sources: