File:Love padlocks on the Butchers’ Bridge (Ljubljana).jpg

Summary and Attribution
– The photograph depicts love padlocks on the Butchers Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
– Taken on July 10, 2015, with an Olympus E-P5 camera by Petar Milošević.
– The image is available for use under a license.
– Contact the photographer via email at

Assessment and Recognition
– The photograph is considered a featured picture on Wikimedia Commons.
– It meets quality image guidelines and is highly regarded.
– Featured on the Persian and Slovenian language Wikipedia pages.
– Similar high-quality images can be uploaded and nominated for recognition.

– Published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
– Allows for sharing, copying, distributing, and adapting the work.
– Proper attribution and linking to the license required.
– Any changes to the image must be indicated.
– Contributions based on the image must be distributed under the same or compatible license.

Captions and Cropping
– English caption: ‘Love padlocks at Butchers Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia.’
– Italian caption: ‘Love padlocks on the Butchers Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia.’
– The author cropped the image in two different versions.

File Usage
– Used on several pages on the English Wikipedia, including Butchers Bridge, Ljubljana, Love lock, and Padlock.
– Utilized on user pages such as User:Atendee, User:Carlinal/gallery, and User:YoDuff.
– Globally used on other wikis, including Arabic, Azerbaijani, and Belarusian Tarashkevitsa Wikipedias.
– Used on various language versions of the Wikipedia Picture of the Day and other pages.Sources: