Exit control lock

Typical uses of exit control locks
– Retail establishments use exit control locks to deter shoplifting.
– Airports and controlled areas use exit control locks to hold people until they clear customs or quarantine stations.
– Libraries use exit control locks with well-staffed entrances and emergency exits.
– Hospitals use exit control devices that can be connected to wireless sensors for newborns.
– Exit control locks are used to prevent baby theft from hospital rooms.

Use of exit control locks in shops
– Shops often make exits emergency use only to deter shoplifting.
– Emergency exit buttons are placed next to locked doors in shops.
– Pressing the emergency exit button unlocks the door and triggers the fire alarm.
– Shoplifters can be reported to the police with CCTV footage if they use the emergency exit for non-emergency purposes.
– This system deters shoplifting by attracting unwanted attention.

Benefits of locking doors
– Locking doors deters shoplifters due to increased attention.
– Locking doors reduces the need for security guards and technology.
– Exit control locks decrease the chances of theft and unauthorized exits.
– Retail establishments can save on security costs by using exit control locks.
– Locking doors provides a sense of security for both customers and staff.

Benefits of not locking doors
– Multiple exits increase footfall and expose customers to products.
– Customers feel more relaxed and welcomed without restrictions on non-emergency exits.
– Signs prohibiting non-emergency exits can frustrate customers.
– Not locking doors improves customer experience and satisfaction.
– Allowing easy access to exits can enhance the overall shopping experience.

Exit control designs
– Many exit control locks are based on magnetic locks.
– Delayed egress magnetic locks prevent immediate door opening.
– These locks release during fire alarms or power failures.
– Exit control systems can include request-to-exit detectors.
– Some facilities require authentication for both entrances and exits.Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exit_control_lock