Door security

Security Devices
– Alarms designed to warn of burglaries
– Smart locks that limit door access to authorized individuals
– Deadbolts with a locking mechanism that prevents forced retraction
– Strike plate reinforcement to prevent the plate from being rammed out
– Various door reinforcements to prevent delamination and splitting

Other Methods
– Burglar deterrent CD or MP3 files that mimic home occupancy activities
Door viewers with fish-eye lenses for viewing outside without opening the door
– Security bars, grates, films, or breakage resistant windows for window security
– Clearing shrubs near doorways to reduce hiding spots for burglars
– Iranian door security showroom showcasing different security methods

Residential Security
– Types of doors used in residential applications including solid wood, panel, metal skinned wood-edged, and fiberglass doors
– Steel doors with multi-locking system recommended by construction professionals
– Solid wood doors withstanding more force than metal skinned wood-edged doors
– Door frames often splitting with little force applied
– Lower quality deadbolts failing when force is applied to the door

Burglary Tactics
– Intruders defeating locked doors with tools like screwdrivers or crowbars
– Burglars targeting doors without deadbolt locks
– Double-pane windows not being targeted by burglars
– The importance of security in preventing successful or attempted burglaries
– The effectiveness of different security measures in reducing residential burglaries

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