Cable reel

Wooden drums
– Three varieties: steel-tyred, export, and one-way drums
– Can carry heavy loads
– Constructed in resinous wood
– Discarded wooden reels commonly used as furniture
– Affordable option for college students

Plywood drums/reels
– Used for transporting lighter loads
– Cheaper alternative to other types of drums
– Commonly used in the building industry and by commercial electricians
– Made of birch or poplar ply
– Strong and lightweight

Plastic drums/reels
– Manufactured from recycled plastic
– Environmentally friendly option
– Used for lighter weight cables
– Cost-effective solution
– Durable and reliable

Steel drums/reels
– Replacing wooden drums in the cable and wire industry
– Commonly used in the offshore industry
– Welded fixed drums or collapsible options
– Manufactured in an eco-friendly manner
– More durable than wooden drums but higher cost

Retractable cable reels
– Built with a retracting mechanism
– Used for mains electricity or air hoses
– Ideal for environments requiring access to electricity or air in various places
– Operate using a constant-force spring and ratcheting mechanism
– Convenient and versatile solutionSources: