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Chemistry inside a battery
– A battery can consist of one or many cells.
– Each cell contains an anode, cathode, and electrolyte.
– The electrolyte is typically an acid and can be dangerous to touch.
– The anode produces electrons when it reacts with the electrolyte (negative end).
– The cathode takes electrons from the electrolyte (positive end).
– An electric current occurs when a wire connects the anode to the cathode.
– A load is necessary to slow down the electrons and perform useful tasks.
– Batteries can have liquid or solid electrolytes.
– Battery reactions are exothermic, generating heat.
– Rechargeable batteries can be recharged a limited number of times.

Battery sizes
– Batteries come in various shapes, sizes, and voltages.
– Standard sizes include AA, AAA, C, and D cells, with about 1.5 volts.
– The voltage of a cell depends on the chemicals used.
– The charge a battery delivers is measured in ampere-hours.
– Larger cells can supply more charge and run for a longer time.

– The first battery, called the voltaic pile, was invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta.
– Modern batteries are sealed to prevent spills, while larger ones may still contain liquid.
– Fuel cells and solar cells are not batteries as they don’t store energy internally.
– Capacitors are not batteries, but they can store and generate electricity faster.
– Scientists are developing better capacitors and batteries for electric cars.

Other battery-related information
– Batteries can be connected in series to increase voltage.
– Connecting batteries in parallel increases current.
– Voltage is measured in volts, while current is measured in amps.
– The combination of voltage and current determines the battery’s power (watts).
– Hand-operated generators and wind-up devices can supply power to small electrical devices.

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