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Honda’s History and Global Presence
– Founded on September 24, 1948
– One of the largest engineering companies from Japan
– Known for manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles
– Has factories in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, and China
– Sells luxury cars under the Acura name in the United States

Honda Automobiles
– Honda Accord: available as a sedan, coupe, and station wagon
– Honda Civic: available as a sedan, coupe, and hatchback (in some countries)
– Honda Insight: small sedan focused on fuel economy
– Honda Jazz (Fit): smaller than the Civic
– Honda City: smaller than the Jazz, but bigger in space than the Civic; popular in the Indian market

Honda SUVs and Trucks
– Honda CR-V: compact SUV
– Honda HR-V: subcompact SUV
– Honda Pilot: medium-sized SUV
– Honda Ridgeline: four-door pickup truck
– Honda Odyssey: minivan with two versions (larger in North America, compact in Japan)

Other Honda Vehicles
– Honda S2000: sports car with two seats
– Honda Prelude: sport coupe based on the Civic
– Honda Integra: another sport coupe
– Honda S500: two-door roadster convertible
– HondaJet: a jet aircraft produced by Honda

Honda’s Diverse Offerings
– Honda ATVs: known for manufacturing all-terrain vehicles
– Honda’s involvement in motorsport events like Formula One, MotoGP, and LeMans
– Production of small engines for chainsaws, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers
– Extensive research on humanlike robots, including the creation of Asimo
– Honda’s contribution to the development of the HondaJetSources: